Things to Think With: Introduction to Modelling and Printing 3D Objects (Spring 2014)

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Log 2: Desktop Fabrication and 3D Modelling in the News

Please complete and publish your second log entry, which should consist of ~250 words in response to the following:

  • On the web, find, read, and re-read an interesting news article (or the like) about "spime," the "eversion," desktop fabrication, or the "Internet of Things."
  • In your entry, articulate a brief synopsis of the article and point readers to its URL (using HTML).
  • In addition to your brief synopsis, please also describe what you think are the cultural implications of the technology (or technologies) discussed in the article. In so doing, be sure to reference work by Sterling, Gibson, OR Buechley. (You don't need to reference all three.) Here are some questions that might help you unpack those cultural implications: What are the assumed effects of the technologies? How are they associated with progress or development? What's the relationship between them and art? What social values are they reinforcing or complicating? How are they tied to people's identities, lifestyles, or politics?
  • Finally, at some point in the entry, state (in a sentence or two) why you think other people in the course should read the article. In short, in the context of DHUM 250, why does the article matter?