Things to Think With: Introduction to Modelling and Printing 3D Objects (Spring 2014)

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Log 3: Response to the Photogrammetry Workshop

In an entry between 150- and 250-words-long, please address the following:

  • Now that you have started 3D-modelling your object, what are your initial responses? What have you learned?
  • During the 3D-modelling process, what hiccups or surprises occurred? What went well, and what didn't? Why? How will you respond to these hiccups and surprises?
  • With the pieces by Balsamo and Monaghan in mind, identify one specific application of 3D-modelling for education (broadly understand, in or beyond academia), including what kind of learning 3D-modelling might afford. In your response, be sure to refer to Balsamo and/or Monaghan's work.
  • At some point in this entry, please include at least one screen grab / image of your working 3D model, regardless of what state it is in. The image can be in whatever image format you prefer (JPG, PNG, GIF).