Things to Think With: Introduction to Modelling and Printing 3D Objects (Spring 2014)

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Log 4: Response to the Meshing and Editing Workshop

In an entry between 100- and 200-words-long, please address the following:

  • At this point in your project, where are you in the editing process? Please provide at least one image (e.g., a screen grab) that demonstrates how much editing you've done thus far.
  • From what you gather, how much editing will you need to do? Will your project be edit-heavy? Edit-light? And what, generally speaking, are some issues that are occurring as you transfer your model from 123D Catch into, say, MeshMixer?
  • Mention an editing tool or two (in MeshMixer or the like) that will be central to producing your mesh. Here, consider tools such as selection, drag-and-drop, filling, smoothing, and parts tools. Where possible, include images demonstrating your use of a particular tool.
  • Finally, express any concerns you have at the moment. What's not working? Any surprises or hiccups? Frustrations?

Get in touch with any questions or concerns. Thanks again!