Things to Think With: Introduction to Modelling and Printing 3D Objects (Spring 2014)

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Log 8: After the 3D Printing Workshop

Hope all's well, DHUM 250. This log entry is based on your participation in the 3D printing workshop, and (even better) it's your final entry of the semester. Congrats!

In the entry, please:

  • Briefly describe (in 150 to 200 words) your experience participating in the 3D printing workshop, with an emphasis on how exactly you contributed (in collaboration with others) to the construction of the machine.
  • Together with your description, please include at least two photographs from the workshop. Ideally, these photographs give your audience a sense of what you did during the workshop.
  • Finally, in your description, please also put your experience into conversation with readings from the semester, with an emphasis on how the workshop informed your interpretation of at least one of the assigned readings. Here, you might think of key terms and concepts from the semester, including the eversion, physical computing, material history, labour, sourcing, and prototyping.

Get in touch with any questions or concerns. Thanks again!