Things to Think With: Introduction to Modelling and Printing 3D Objects (Spring 2014)

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Final Reflection

For your final assignment in DHUM 250, I am asking you to reflect on what you learned in the course, with particular attention to the iterative development of your digital object (which is based, of course, on a physical object already in the world).

This reflection should be the final entry in your research log, it is 15% of your final mark, and it should include (at a minimum) the following things:

  • A statement (50-100 words) on what you learned about the "eversion" as a cultural phenomenon.
  • A statement (50-100 words) on what you learned about the relationship between physical and digital objects after developing a familiarity with photogrammetry, editing, discovery, and fabrication techniques.
  • A statement (50-100 words) on what, if you had more time and materials, you would do to advance or further your research this semester.
  • A statement (50-100 words) on how you think digital modelling and fabrication intersect with humanities research (including research in history, cultural studies, and textual studies).
  • Finally, a brief "change history" of your object across its various iterations (e.g., object in hand, object on screen, edited object, and fabricated object) using a combination of visual media (in any format, including stills and video) and text. Here, the visual media can do most of the talking, and text can be used as captions (or the like). But the point is to show, in detail, how your object changed over time, across media and substances.

As you proceed with this final reflection, please let me know what questions or concerns you have, especially if anything above is unclear.